Oh, there he is! How ya doin’, Bud?

UPDATE to the previous post, “Where is that Dang Whale Photographer?”:

The photographer of the viral “Whale Jumps on Boat” photo has now been identified, almost a week after the story broke. The images are now credited to a “James K. Dagmoreau” of Bothswana. Full motion video of the event has also been released. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CkSdSHbX18

So it looks like this probably actually did happen. Still, it is ridiculous that it took so long for the whole story to come out. Thank god all the viral hoopla wasn’t about anything important.

Be that as it may, this brings to light another interesting aspect of our pseudomedia-saturated society. It used to be that no one would believe a fantastic story unless the person telling it had photographic evidence. These days, now that any elementary school kid can use his computer to conjure up any image anyone can imagine, presenting a high quality photo that perfectly corroborates your story is just as likely to make it look like you’re trying to pull a fast one as it is to add support to your case. In the world of psuedomedia, nothing is real and everything is real.

And keep in mind that, since this is a Blog, it already fits into my own definition of being part of the inherently unreliable “psuedomedia” world as well. Consider yourself warned.

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