There But for the Grace of Grace

Short item:

Another toddler was reported missing tonight on the Nancy Grace Show and you know what aspect of the sad story seemed to upset Nancy the most? The fact that the mother had the unmitigated gall to tell one of her correspondents that she did not want the story of her missing child told on the Nancy Grace Show.

Grace was seemingly shocked and almost angry that anyone would say that, expressing extreme disbelief and even going so far as to call such a statement “suspicious.”

The Nancy Grace squad then proceeded to spend almost ten minutes discussing at length the mystery of why this distraught woman, whose child had just dissapeared and was presumed dead, would even think, much less actually say, that she didn’t want the story to become a part of the Nancy Grace program. Ten goddamn minutes.

And not once did any of Grace’s babbling toadies even touch on the possibility that this poor woman might not want to share her pain with Nancy because she knows that every one of the tragic cases that this show has decided to focus its smothering attention on in the past few years has become a fucking three ring circus freak show of epic proportions.

Not even once!

But then again, the tragedy only came to light today. The Nancy Grace Show is on every night. I’m sure that all possible explanations for this shocking mystery of why a woman who’s just lost a baby boy might not want to be turned into Bobo the Great so she can have the privilege of dancing jigs for Grace’s audience every night will be properly explored.

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